Our Mission:

To improve the lives of those we touch by offering support, guidance and compassionate care of body, mind, and spirit.

We stand for exceptional care that gives focused support and aligns with patient choices.  Our service lines and community resources are held under one umbrella organization name:  Hawai‘i Care Choices.  Our main service lines are pictured here, along with their programs.
Program descriptions, Hawai‘i Care Choices

Where We Come From


Dame Cicely Saunders, a British physician founded St. Christopher’s Hospice with emphasis on pain management.  

United States

First hospice in the U.S. –established in New Haven, Connecticut.   

Hawai‘i - O‘ahu

First Hospice in the state started by St. Francis Hospice. Followed by Hospice Hawai‘i.  Both programs were non-profit 

organizations and served Oʻahu only.

Hawai‘i Island

First Hawai’i Island hospice  program. Hospice of Hilo,  under its original name,  Hawaii Patient Enrichment  Center, served its first patient.

1983 – 2018

35 years of serving the community.


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Timeline, Hospice of Hilo to Hawai‘i Care Choices

Our New Name

Meeting community needs means being willing to change and grow, and for us, that meant adding services that go beyond hospice care, necessitating a name change. 

Our roots continue to be strong and our core solid as we grow into the full scope of our  

mission, adding more branches to our 

organizational tree and signaling our 

emergence as a leading healthcare provider in East Hawai'i under the rebranded name:  

Hawai‘i Care Choices.

Hawai‘i Care Choices Name Change Flyer
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Hawai‘i Care Choices Organization umbrella and service lines