Facility Cook

Location:  Inpatient Unit


Position Summary


The Facility Cook collaborates with the Administrative Team Lead to provide a variety of meals for patients, staff, and in-house functions. The cook must have an understanding of diverse food cultures and be knowledgeable in food storage and preparation according to health and safety standards and dietary requirements of the seriously ill.

Duties & Responsibilities.

  • Prepares food efficiently while ensuring that the presentation of each food item is taken with the utmost care.

  • Ensures that state and federal regulations are followed to maintain a clean and safe environment for the storage, preparation, and handling of food.

  • Demonstrates flexibility to accommodate patient preferences and dietary requirements as dictated by each patient’s medical condition.

  • Coordinates related expenditures in a fiscally responsible manner in accordance with the kitchen’s budget.

  • Communicates and facilitates all kitchen-related office administration activities and third-party contractors.

  • Maintains accurate food-ordering and stocking levels, including all kitchen materials.

  • Organizes, coordinates, and delegates responsibility to care center volunteers to ensure goals and objectives of the kitchen are met.

Skill & Knowledge Requirements

  • Knowledge of safe food preparation and handling procedures, sanitation standards, production processes, and proper food storage.

  • Ability to use all kitchen equipment safely and properly.

  • Compliance with accepted professional standards and practices.

  • Basic working knowledge and skill with computers, such as email.

Educational and Experience Requirements

  • Minimum high school diploma or equivalent.

  • Minimum 2 years cooking experience in a professional setting.

  • Current food handler’s card from DOH-State of Hawaii.


  • Rotating schedule, weekdays, weekends and holidays.


You will be redirected to our application and assessment site, please set aside approximately 45 minutes to complete.

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