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Our Mission:

To improve the lives of those we touch by offering support, guidance and compassionate care of body, mind, and spirit.

We stand for exceptional care that gives focused support and aligns with patient choices.  Our service lines and community resources are held under one umbrella organization name:  Hawai‘i Care Choices.  Our main service lines are pictured here, along with their programs.
Program descriptions, Hawai‘i Care Choices

We…provide exceptional care and solutionbased choices that align with patient values.


We…give support with patient and family focus.


We…are dedicated to the belief that quality of life matters.



Serving our community since 1983

Medicare Certified.jpg

“I didn’t know what Congestive Heart Failure was, just that it was hard to breathe. I saw a flyer about Hawai’i Care Choices in my doctor’s office and called. The nurse visited me at home, taught me about my illness and how I could feel better. Now I can play with my grandson again.” -Patient


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