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Every person's path through illness is unique.  The type of care a person chooses when challenged with a serious or life-limiting illness will either  support what they value or become a barrier to achieving it.  We are honored to provide options and solutions to support our community with these important health care decisions.

Palliative Care program logo, Hawai‘i Care Choices

Support that can begin at diagnosis and can continue alongside treatment.

Hospice Care program logo, Hawai‘i Care Choices

Support that can begin when a cure is beyond reach.


Bereavement Care program logo, Hawa‘i Care Choices

Support given for those in the grieving process, offered free to all.


We provide support LONG before life's final moments and LONG after.


Team org chart, Hawai‘i Care Choices

Hawai'i Care Choices provides support to individuals with serious or life-limiting diagnoses, so each person can focus on what they value most.


Our team of physicians, nurses, social workers, spiritual counselors, certified nurse assistants and grief counselors address emotional, physical and spiritual needs by managing symptoms, providing care coordination, and above all, maintaining quality of life.

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