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"The nurse visited me at home, taught me about my illness and how I could feel better. Now I can play with my grandson again."

– Congestive Heart Failure Patient, Kupu Care, Palliative Care Service


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Pōhai Mālama Care Center Takes a Tactical Pause


Pōhai Mālama Care Center will pause all inpatient hospice care operations beginning on November 18, 2022.


Hawaii Care Choices remains open and continues to offer all services. The highest priority is to minimize the impact of this tactical pause on current patients receiving inpatient hospice care at PMCC. Staff will work with these patients and families to ensure a smooth transition to other locations for hospice care. For any questions regarding this, please contact Hawai’i Care Choices at 808-969-1733 or care@hawaiicarechoices.org


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